How to get taller ?


If you are reading this then you are most probably tired of being the ‘short one’ among your friends or even siblings. This article will teach you all the methods which you can use to help you grow tall and things you should avoid if you want to grow tall. There are many sites out there which will tell you a lot of things about how to grow tall, but in this article I will focus on very simple methods which anyone can incorporate in their daily life and still get results.
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Method#1: EAT WELL.

This is not a myth. We want to make our bones grow so eating well plays a vital role in growing tall. No one grows if they are hungry and not getting enough food. This does not mean just any food but foods that are healthy and help you grow. Unhealthy foods do you no good instead make you gain weight which in turn make you even shorter and that is the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Incorporate muscle building foods in your diet such as proteins which not only make your muscle grow but make your muscles strong too. Make sure you get a healthy diet everyday in all food groups like vitamins and healthy starches which are vital for the extra energy your body needs.

Method#2: EXERCISE.

Growing your muscles long and lean doesn’t mean eating and sitting, you need to work hard through working out. Exercises help you stay fit. The best workouts for growing tall are stretching exercises. Exercises that target the spine through stretching should be your best friend from now on. Examples of these exercises include; -Different yoga poses (which most of them include stretching). -Swimming.-Pelvic tilts. -Hanging with your arms on a metal bar while stretching the rest of your body. -The cat stretch. This is best done with your hands and knees on the floor, you inhale and exhale pulling your chest upwards towards your back hence stretching your spine. 
All these exercises are easy to do even at home but if you have concerns, its best to hire a trainer to take you through to avoid possible injuries.


You are eating the right foods, you are exercising your next step is to make sure you are getting growth hormones. Our bodies naturally produce growth hormones when we are asleep so getting plentiful of sleep will mean we are helping our bones, tissues and muscles grow. Sleep is also beneficial to our overall well-being. If you have problems getting enough sleep or you don’t sleep at all, make sure you see a doctor to help you. You could try relaxation techniques like meditation or even yoga before bed to help you get enough sleep. Aim at getting at least eight hours of sleep everyday to aid in the growth of your bones.


When aiming to grow tall, there are things you should avoid or limit. Things like smoking which not only increases your chances of getting cancer it damages tissues responsible for your bone growth and development hence limiting your chance of growing tall. Cutting or limiting the intake of caffeine is also important since caffeine has been linked to stunted muscle growth. Apart from stunted growth it can also derail your chances of getting enough sleep.Unhealthy eating habits can also fall in this category. Processed foods and fast foods will not help you grow lean and tall instead they will make you gain weight leaving you short.
These are just but a few ways that when incorporated in your daily life, can add you inches. In the meanwhile, if you are totally uncomfortable with your height you can alter your dressing to wear clothes that make you look tall while still working your way to being actually tall with the above strategies. Women can opt to wear heels to add a few inches to their height.
In conclusion, being short can be genetic but trying these tricks and methods could have a positive impact on your overall height. Not only that, practicing good posture, taking good care of yourself could all have a positive impact in your life socially, economically despite your height, age or gender.